Plan your visit

Plan your visit of the Sázava monastery


Parking for cars and buses is located about 250 from the monastery at the bridge over the Sázava River.


There is a bus stop for public transport – two train stops in Sázava. You can get off at the Sázava stop or at Sázava – Černé Budy train station. From both places the road to the monastery is about the same distance (15 minutes).

Cyclists can lock up their bicycles on the premises of the monastery on the stands.

Boats can be docked at the weir below the monastery, where there is also a campground and then by a nice romantic walk along the river and across a bridge with a beautiful view of the panorama of the monastery you will reach it.

The exteriors of the monastery are wheelchair accessible, but it is necessary to be aware and deal with the unevenness and diversity of the surface (gravel, grass). In the interior of the monastery there are sometimes 1–3 stairs, which are easily overcome with minor assistance. The public WC in the courtyard is wheelchair accessible.


On the exterior of the monastery, it is possible to move with dogs, provided that the owners keep them on a leash, have them under control and immediately clean up any excrement after their pets and put it in the trash bins.


A bicycle stand is located a few metres from the entrance gates to the courtyard of the monastery complex on your left. Cyclists can also walk their bikes around the grounds, but not ride them.

Child facilities

They are welcome and can play in the garden (not too loud, please).



About 250 meters from the monastery near the bridge across the river there is a restaurant.